About us at Become A YouTuber

about become a youtuber

Our YouTube mission

At Become A Youtuber we have one simple goal and that’s to help you on your journey to becoming a YouTube star.

We’ve created guides that take you right from the first stages of first starting out on youtube such as how to make your account and how to efficiently upload a video. We’ve made these guides are simple and easy to follow as we can so that everyone no matter how young or old can get involved with the wonderful world of youtube!

In addition to our basic guides, we also feature an array of other blog pieces that we hope will answer any queries or issues you might have come across when using YouTube.

If you have you been looking to start a channel on YouTube but something has been holding you back then hopefully we cover it on the website, if not feel free to contact us and we’ll be sure to help you the best we can.