Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Basics Of Starting a YouTube Channel

Here we’ll teach you the basics of how to make a YouTube channel for yourself or your business. We walk you through each of the initial steps when creating your first YouTube channel. Each guide is put together by our team of experts to ensure that each step in the process of making your new channel is clear and concise.

Choose one of our guides below that you need assistance with and follow our stage by stage guidance and you’ll be a YouTube star in no time. Alternatively, if you’re looking to start right from the beginning choose stage one to take your first steps to becoming a YouTuber!

STAGE 1: How To Make A YouTube Account

A step-by-step guide walking you through the process of how to make an account on Youtube

STAGE 2: How To Name A YouTube Channel

After making your account it's time to name it here is a guide on how to do that

What can I do if I need more help making a youtube account?

If you’re following our guide but are having any issues completing one of the stages then don’t worry we’re here to help. We’ve helped countless amounts of up and coming YouTubers, both young and old get their first accounts up and running so be sure to ‘contact us‘ by filling out the form on the contact page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to help you with whatever issue you might have with your YouTube account.

What shall I name my YouTube account?

This question can’t be answered by anyone except for your self! We’ve done a blog on ‘choosing a name for your YouTube account’ going through the ins & outs of this big decision. To sum it up we recommend choosing something that relates to the content you’re going to be producing but also one that you’re likely to stick with for the long term.

How old do you have to be to create a YouTube channel?

Easy answer, any age! We often get asked this but there really is no age limit to create a YouTube account as long as you’re willing to give it a go you can create an account. That goes for you in the older generation too, it’s never too late to create a YouTube account. In short, if you’re thinking about it just do it, we cover everything you need to know on this website and we’ll help you every step of the way.

What equipment will I need to create my first YouTube account?

We’ve done a blog on this topic too as we can’t stress enough that you don’t need to buy a load of fancy equipment in order to start making YouTube videos. Of course, the type of videos you intend to make will dictate what kind of content you’ll need. A quick example of this is if you want to be a gaming YouTuber then you’ll need a gaming capture card in order to record footage from your gaming devise of choice. The same will apply if you want to be a makeup vlogger as you will need a quality light source in order to make meet the needs of your audience.