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Creating And Adding A YouTube Channel Banner

Adding a YouTube channel banner is a great way to customise your main channel page. Like your channel icon, it will be visible to all your channel viewers but only from your channel page.

What Should I Set As My YouTube Channel Banner

When choosing your banner it’s usually a good idea to design something that relates to your channel theme or personality. An example of this is if your channel content is all about beauty then maybe including makeup brushes alongside your channel name would be an option. Alternatively, if you had a gaming channel then an image that reflects your favourite game would work well.

How To Quickly Make A Youtube Channel Banner

Although they often look difficult to put together creating a channel banner has never been easier. There are a vast array of online tools available to help you quickly set up a channel banner in the right dimensions (size). Let’s take a look at some free tools we’d recommend:

Bannersnack – https://www.bannersnack.com/

bannershack example

Bannersnack is one of the best ways to get started creating your YouTube banner. It’s free to sign up to and features an array of pre-designed templates that you can edit and tailor to your channel. Your design will automatically be the correct dimensions so once you’ve completed it you can download it straight to your computer.

Canva – https://www.canva.com/

canva example

Canva is one of our favourite all-around graphic design websites. All you need to do is login and you’ll find hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can then edit to create the perfect channel banner for free. There are loads of included images and font styles that you can use making it a highly recommended platform for all your YouTube graphics.

How To Upload A YouTube Cover Banner

  1. Head to YouTube.com and make sure you’re logged into your channel account
  2. Click on your channel icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  3. Next click on ‘My Channel’ which will take you to your channel overview page
  4. Click on the blue ‘customize channel’ icon in order to edit your channel
  5. Hover over the big banner section and a pen will appear in the top right corner
  6. Click on this and select ‘edit channel art’ from the drop-down
  7. Next, select and upload your desired image from your computer
  8. Finally, click select to activate your channel banner

That’s it you’ve now updated your channel art! You can change this as often as you want to by following the above steps.

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