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How To Make A YouTube Account

So, you want to know how to make a youtube account but don’t know where to start? Well don’t worry, you’re in luck starting a YouTube channel is really easy so let us give you a step by step guide on how to take your first steps towards becoming a YouTuber!

Guide to starting a Youtube account

Before we get started Youtube and Google share the same accounts so if you’ve got a Gmail account or a general Google account then you’re good to go already if you don’t then here’s how to make it.

Making a new Youtube account

1. Head to YouTube

Head to YouTube

Start off by opening https://www.youtube.com either by searching for it on google or by typing it into your search bar.

2. Sign in to YouTube

Sign in to YouTube

Now because you don’t have a Google account already you should see a ‘sign in’ button on the top right-hand corner of the browser screen. Click this button and then ‘Create account’ to get started with making a youtube account.

Note: If you are logged then you already have a Google account and there’s nothing more you need to do!

3. Complete the Google Account Form

Complete the Google Account Form

You’re now presented with a form to fill out with your personal details. Make sure you enter all of these correctly and create a strong password for your account. Make sure it’s something you’ll be able to remember or record it in a secure place. Once you’ve done this hit the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Note: You are unable to use a Gmail account for the email section. Make sure to use an email that you have access to as you’ll need to verify this later.


4. Verifying your email

Verifying your email
Verifying your email 2

Next, it’s time to verify your email to show that you have access to the address you entered. Log into your email and you should see an email as pictured above from google. Click on this email to get your YouTube verification code.

Verifying your email 3

Return to the web browser you were on before filling out the form. Insert that code into the section highlighted above and hit that ‘Verify’ button to confirm. If the code matched then you’re ready for the next step.

Verifying your email 4

Note: If it doesn’t match then go back to the email and make sure the code you entered was correct.

5. Connect Your Phone Number

Connect Your Phone Number

Insert your phone number into the first box making sure it’s entered correctly. Google will now send you an automated verification code, insert this here as you did before with the email verification in step 4.

Connect Your Phone Number 2

Note: If you don’t receive a text you may have entered your number wrong. To rectify this press the ‘back’ button and carefully check your mobile number is correct.

6. Date Of Birth And Gender

Date Of Birth And Gender

The next stage is to enter your date of birth and gender. Make sure to enter your date of birth correctly and then enter your gender, there is a ‘prefer not to say’ selection also.

7. Final Steps To Make A YouTube Account

Final Steps To Make A YouTube Account

You now have the option to decide whether or not to let Google use your mobile number for some of its services. This is completely up to you if you want to allow this or not, once you make your choice, select the button that corresponds with your decision.

Final Steps To Make A YouTube Account 2

Onto the last step of the setup process, accepting the terms and conditions. Read through the terms and conditions of making a YouTube account and if you agree with them put a tick in the two boxes and press ‘Create Account’ to begin your YouTube journey.

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