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How To Name A YouTube Channel

Creating a name for your new YouTube channel

Looking to name a youtube channel? The name of your youtube channel will play a huge part in how your audience will perceive you. This is why it’s important that you choose something that resonates with the content that you plan on producing and uploading. To start off you’re going to need a Google account if you don’t have one yet:

Naming a new channel on YouTube

1. Log Into Your Channel

Log Into Your Channel

Make sure that you are logged into your youtube/google account, this will be clear if there is a circular image in the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Click this image and a drop down menu will open. Select the ‘My channel’ button from this menu.

2. Personal account or another name?

Personal account or another name

Immediately after clicking the button from the previous step this box will appear on your screen. You now have a choice to make do you want to use YouTube with a personal name, or alternatively, use a different name?

FOR PERSONAL: If you’re looking to use Youtube with your personal name then fill in the highlighted boxes and click the ‘Create Channel’ button. If you chose this option you have now created your account and do not need to read any further.

FOR BUSINESS: To use a name separate from your own name then you’ll need to select the option highlighted in green. By clicking ‘Use a business or other name’ you will be able to choose any name you want. (As long as it meets YouTube’s terms of service)

3.  Creating a Brand Account name

Creating a Brand Account name

Now that you have chosen to use a name separate from your own for your YouTube account you’ll need to decide on one. This can be a big decision for your brand identity so it’s important that it resonates with your content. Make sure to do your research and choose a name that is different from other YouTubers that already have a considerable amount of subscribers.

Now that you have chosen your desired channel name, enter it into the ‘Brand Account Name’ box on this page. After doing this click the create button and congratulations your account has now been created. Here’s how it will look off the bat:

You’ll now notice that your channel page looks very barren, but think of it as a blank canvas. Get out there and create some content for your newly named YouTube channel!

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