Set Up

Setting up your YouTube channel is extremely exciting. You more than likely have come up with a great idea that you’re passionate about or you think an audience will find value in. However, this is your first channel so where should you start?

At ‘Become a YouTuber’ we want to help you get it right from the start. That’s why we’ve worked with some of the top content creators to bring you an extensive step by step guide of how to getting your new channel set up on YouTube.

By the end of the tutorials you’ll have a brand new channel with an icon and banner ready for you to create some top class content. We’ll even get you started with learning how to create professional video graphics and what software to use.

To get started follow the steps on each of the below pages to get creating:

How To Make Your YouTube Account

In this first step we take you through a complete guide of how to start your Youtube channel from where to start to verifying your new account.

How To Name Your YouTube Channel

Next we teach you how to change your name on YouTube. This will help you change your channel name to your business name or a custom one that isn’t your first and last name.

How To Navigate Your YouTube Channel

Now you’re set up with an account you might need to know how to get around it. In this guide we’ll show you what everything means in your channel menu and why you might want to change some things.

How To Choose & Add A Channel Icon

It’s time to start customising your channel and the best way to start is by changing your channel icon. This is your first chance to get creative. See how to create and add an icon here!

Creating & Adding A YouTube Channel Banner

Another way to customise your channel and one of the most eye catching ways is to add a channel banner. This will sit on your main channcel page and be seen by all your subscribers. See all the free tools you can use to create a great one here!

Adding Social Icons to Your YouTube Banner

Next it’s time to look at how you can add Channel Icons to your new banner. This is easy and quick to do but can be extremely effective at helping to grow your Social following. See our full guide here!