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What does TGF stand for?

If you’re a fan of the YouTube channel “TGFbro” you might be interested to know what the TGF stands for in their name. They have now amassed over 6 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to their inventive videos where they perform outlandish stunts that have gained the attention of a huge amount of viewers across the world.

What does TGF Stand For On YouTube?

The acronym “TGF” in their channel name is thought to stand for ‘The Ground Floor‘ as this was briefly mentioned in one of their videos back in 2017.

However, the pair have always kept the true meaning of the acronym close to the chest outside of saying ‘The Ground Floor’ in passing leading many to believe that it’s not the true meaning.

Until the two make a video talking about exactly what it means then we’ll just have to keep guessing until that time. We’d hope that if they ever reach 10m subscribers they might do a special episode revealing how the name came about but for now we just have to assume ‘The Ground Floor’Bros is what they originally intended their name to mean.

We hope this article helped solve the mystery of what TGF stands for in the YouTube channel name “TGFbro”.

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