What you need to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

Looking at how to become a gaming youtuber? We've put together this guide to help you start up your new gaming youtube channel.

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Welcome to our guide about becoming a gaming YouTuber. One of the most popular video niches on YouTube is gaming. Not to mention it’s also one of the most fun ones that allows you to share something you love doing with millions of other people all over the world. If you enjoy playing video games, then starting a gaming channel could be a great way for you to gain a following and make some money doing while just doing what you enjoy.

Now the question is how do you start a gaming YouTube channel in the most efficient way as well as what equipment you need to start one. We’ll run you through some of the essentials you might need to get started on your journey.

YouTube equipment for gaming

All of the below gaming equipment is not essential for starting YouTube but investing in the quality of your videos early on could pay of early on as users are now expecting a higher quality of content than before. Here’s our first gaming equipment recommendation.

Gaming Microphone for YouTube

Having a microphone on YouTube is extremely important as it allows you to effectively communicate with your subscribers. Having a good quality microphone will drastically affect the number of subs that stick around to watch your videos as nobody likes to listen to a cheap crackly gaming microphone. If this is their first experience with your channel you want to leave the best initial impression for them and having a good sounding microphone is a great way to do that.

Best YouTube gaming microphone

Our recommendation for the best microphone to use on your gaming YouTube channel would be the Blue Yeti microphone. Without getting too technical this is a fantastic all-round microphone that is easy to use, offers some great features and is really reliable.

If you’re interested in seeing what people think about this mic read the reviews on amazon by clicking the link here.

We’ve taken a look at all the best mics for YouTube in this article so check it out if you want to find out more about all the other we’d recommend trying out.

Gaming camera for YouTube

Generally, viewers like to see the faces of their favourite YouTube creators. This makes the whole experience more exciting for the viewer as they connect with the YouTuber and aren’t just sat watching gameplay the whole time. There are exceptions but usually, people like to see the reactions of the Youtuber while they’re playing the games. This is why I’d recommend you pick yourself up a webcam to record while you’re playing. It’s a pretty cheap and easy way to grow your channel and you’ll be pretty surprised at how effective it is.

There is a vast array of webcams that you can buy for your computer at a variety of price ranges, so which one’s best? It all depends but generally the more you spend, the better-quality video you’ll be able to capture. Better quality usually leads to more people sticking around and subscribing. However, there’s no need to spend a fortune on one if you’re just getting started as you can always upgrade this later.

Best YouTube gaming camera

I’d recommend picking up this Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for the price I’d say it’s a fantastic choice for your YouTube gaming setup as you’ll be able to record in full HD providing your subs with a pleasant viewing experience.

What PC hardware do I need to be a YouTube gamer?

When you’re starting out your new YouTube gaming channel, you’re first going to need to decide which console or system you’re going to be gaming on. I’ll run through each one separately as there is a large difference in what you’re going to need if you’re going to be doing one or the other.

Hardware Needed to be a console YouTuber

Being a YouTube creator who plays on a console like Xbox or PlayStation is the cheapest way to get into gaming content creation. You’ll need a PC too, but it won’t need to be as expensive as if you were gaming on PC. To get started you’ll need a console, you can get these from most big retailers but I’d recommend grabbing one off Amazon as they usually have strong deals on them that include games like this PS4 bundle that includes 3 games to get you started.

Next, you’re going to need something to capture the gaming footage from your console so you can upload it to your PC later and following that, youtube. There are a few different ways to do this but I recommend investing in an Elgato game capture card. These simply plug straight into your console and allow you to save gameplay footage onto an external memory card. You can pick one up for around £150 on Amazon too. This is the most popular one used by gaming YouTubers.

PC gaming can be one of the most enjoyable ways to play games due to better graphics, smoother gameplay, a wide variety of games and of course mods! However, there is a greater barrier to entry with PC gaming due to PC parts being more costly when you first get started. The cost can balance it’s self out in the future though due to games being cheaper to buy and you won’t need a separate PC to edit and upload your gaming YouTube videos.

I wouldn’t recommend overspending on your first PC as you can always upgrade the parts in the future as you get more familiar with how it works. To start off with it’s probably best to invest in something that will be able to play games at a 1080p with a stable 60fps. This will be adequate for your YouTube audience as no one likes to watch low quality and pixelated content. With all this in mind, I’d pick up something that has a GTX 3060 (GPU), i5 chip (CPU) and 16gb of RAM as this will reduce your video rendering times significantly.

Here is one we found containing all of the above parts at a fair price. It may be cheaper to use this as a reference for parts and build it yourself. However, there is a learning curve with that method so it’s up to you what you feel most comfortable with.

Software needed to become a gaming YouTube

If you’ve decided to be a PC gamer, then you’ll be able to get great recording software for free if you bought a GTX graphics card as recommended in the section above. These Nvidia graphics cards come with a screen recorder call ShadowPlay which will record your gameplay lag-free which really important for anyone watching your videos in the future.

Video editing software

Now the recording is sorted out for both console and computer gaming you need some video editing software to create your videos efficiently. You have a few choices for what to use such as adobe premiere, Final Cut Pro, Corel Video Studio and so on. If you’ve used one before then I’d recommend using the one, you’re most familiar with as it’ll save you having to start again and learn a new tool. If you’re new to video editing then my top choice is Pinnacle Studio Ultimate as there are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help teach you the ins and outs of it. You’ll be up and running making high-quality YouTube videos of your own in no time.

Audio Editing Software

Next, it’s probably a good idea to get separate software for your voice recordings as it’ll make it easier to edit them later on. If you instead record your voice alongside your screen recorder sometimes the game can be louder than your voice which isn’t good for video quality. I’d recommend downloading Audacity to your computer as a simple way to edit your voice recordings. Lucky for you it’s FREE so there are no negatives to downloading it.

Photo Editing software

One of the most important things for making sure people find your videos on YouTube is by having good video thumbnails. These are the little images that feature in the preview for your video before someone clicks on it. These can draw in new viewers and also help with the retention of older ones too. You’ll need to make these with some photo editing software and on this occasion, I’m going to recommend Adobe Photoshop, there are other options but photoshop is leaps ahead of any of the competitors in terms of functionality and ease of use. Alternatively, you could hire someone else to make them for you but in the beginning, this is not the most cost-effective way to do them so you might as well get photoshop and learn for yourself.

Schedule & Plan

The final thing you’re going to need to the willingness and dedication to becoming a gaming YouTuber. As you’ve clicked on this guide you’ve already shown yourself that you have some desire to become a gaming YouTuber and we’ve shown you what you’re going to need, now the next bit is up to you. You must come up with a plan for getting started this includes choosing a channel name you’re going to stick with and creating an upload schedule that you think you can stick to. At first, I’d say one video every two weeks will be enough, this will give you time to all the basics and then you can gradually begin to upload more as you get more experienced.

That brings our ‘how to be a gaming YouTuber guide’ to a close. We hope you found it useful and we hope it’ll help you go on to do great things as a gaming YouTuber, don’t forget us when you’ve made it!