Now, we can’t cover every game that you could possibly make a YouTube channel around, but making a Minecraft channel is kind of worth the exception.

The question we’ll be looking to answer here is simple:

Is it even worth attempting to start a Minecraft YouTube channel around a 10 year-old game?

So, it’s 2021, and we’re discussing a game that’s already over 10 years old. Could it possibly be worth your time to even attempt to start a channel around it today? Here at Becomeayoutuber, if we were to tell you to start targeting things that trend high in search for gaming, you would rightly assume that we’re probably discussing newer games, trending titles that have just recently come out and have a lot of searchability around them.

Minecraft, however, came out on May 17th, 2009 and today it still ranks pretty highly when you consider some of the games you’ll find it alongside whether you’re searching YouTube Gaming or even Twitch.

I would consider Minecraft to be sort of an outlier. It’s just one of the few games that have this kind of staying power here today in 2021. Given its age and the amount of time the public has had its hands on this game, how is it even possible to start a channel around it and get discovered?

Minecraft Channel Ideas

The first thing to note would be the mod community. People love modifying Minecraft and adding all kinds of crazy shenanigans to it. These talented individuals can take a lot of credit for Minecraft’s long term success because Mojang, their developer, has allowed them to have at it and add whatever they like.

Speaking of Minecraft developer Mojang, they themselves have listened to their audience and created high-quality jampacked updates year after year that add a bunch of content to the game. Since being purchased by Microsoft, Minecraft has branched out also into merchandise and even spin-off games like Minecraft Dungeons.

With all that in mind, the content possibilities around Minecraft are about as endless as the procedurally generated worlds that exist within the game itself. Some quick content ideas include things like news, game updates, new mods, tutorials, building tutorials or even simply showcasing some of the popular Minecraft mods or maps.

You can do Minecraft speed challenges (like Dream) or even speed builds. You can follow the community and explore trending challenges such as Minecraft Bed Wars, which a ton of YouTubers have made content around and of course, there’s always the classic let’s play where you and your audience just have fun exploring Minecraft.

Every example I’ve just listed has been covered in some form or fashion by a whole bunch of people on YouTube already, and you’ve probably noticed.

What are the tips for standing out today?

What I would explain to any creator covering a massively popular game is that content that gets you discovered, even early on, is always the high-value content. Instead of just playing the game, like a let’s play, you should probably look to answer questions or do a review of a new mod or a map. Take something you’re good at in the game, and do a tutorial around it. We’re always going on and on about making content that answers some kind of question. But I want to emphasize what we mean by that.

Believe it or not, there are still people discovering Minecraft today for the very first time, and due to the type of game it is, there are endless possibilities and thanks to that, there are endless amounts of questions that these newcomers are going to have.

  • How do you survive your first night?
  • What’s the best texture pack I could be using?
  • What are the top five Minecraft mods today?

Every single one of those should almost word for word be the title of your video. Don’t forget, when people search on YouTube, they oftentimes will literally input the question that they want answered into the search bar. It’s also worth noting that thanks to updates to Minecraft, there’s always a reason to go back and update your old content because the game updates, the mods update, the texture packs update.

I’m picking on Minecraft specifically today because it’s just one of my all-time favourite games and I’ve been playing it since 2009.

Even today I still stumble upon videos all the time that cover concepts, mods or features of the game that I’ve just never known about. I’ve never traded with the Piglins before. I didn’t know you could until the other day!

There aren’t really a lot of games that are going to have this sort of staying power and also remain an interest for us as content creators and for the audience out there who watch the videos. There are likely people out there who are wanting to start their Minecraft channels for the first time and I hope you found these tips helpful. Or if you’re playing another super popular older game hopefully these tips can be translated for you in a manner that helps you create content and come up with ideas to satisfy the loyal audience and fanbase of that game.

In short, if you love Minecraft your audience will see that so just get started and see how it goes!



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